At Trini Weddings & Events we offer four forms of advertising. Featured Supplier Listings, Suppliers/Vendors, Events/Special Offers and Banner ads.

Supplier Listing:

Becoming listed as a Trinidad Wedding Events Supplier will benefit your Company by making it become available to a wider audience. We refer our Supplier only to prospective Clients who email or call us for info on your services. The cost of becoming listed as one of our trusted Supplier is $1000. This is a steal of a deal as this is a one time payment. Your listing remains on our website for as long as you like without any pesky renewal fees. You will then be provided with your own Business profile listing where you van upload info on your Business, contact information and photos of your work. You can then edit the info yourself at anytime.

Featured Suppliers/Vendors!

Are you one of our Suppliers/Vendors and want your listing to stand out? Then enquire about our Featured Suppliers package and have your business front and center on our homepage where it will be prominently displayed to visitors. We also post our Featured Suppliers/Vendors on our facebook page for even more promotion.

Events & Special Offers Listings

Have an upcoming event? Then advertise it on our website where it will be guaranteed to reach a wide audience. aour website is listed on the front page of Google when keywords like ‘Trinidad Weddings’ ‘Weddings’ etc are searched. Email us for pricing! Suppliers/Vendors prices will vary from no Suppliers/Vendors.

Banner advertising on TWE & Its Benefits!

We also offer paid banner advertising for Supplier, Individuals or Companies wishing to advertise with Trini Weddings & Events using available banner ads!

Persons wishing to place their ad for 3 months or more will benefit from a discount. You are advised to send an email to for further details.

  • Your ad will be seen by persons interested in your product or service, not just in T&T but all across the globe.
  • Compare the cost of putting a photo ad in the newspapers. The cost of advertising here is significantly cheaper than the Press!
  • A newly engaged bride will come to us right at the start of her planning looking for help and advice and a guiding hand through the exciting but daunting journey of planning her wedding.
  • TWE is the #1 site for Weddings & Events Vendor listing, therefore persons interested in the Weddings and Events niche frequent this site.
  • Our web pages are sticky, as users spend an average of 35:57 minutes per session.
  • We provide an extensive list of Weddings & Events Vendors, 85% of the visitors to this site are from T&T!


Claim Your Business!

If you are already a Supplier/Vendor on our website you can ‘Claim Your Business’ with a one time fee, which will enable you to update your info and pictures anytime you like. You will also benefit from discounted packages like ourFeatured Suppliers, Events/Specials and Banner Ads.

Email us at for more info on our prices and deals.